NRG… What is this weird Ninja Form??

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, in the LEGO NINJAGO, the NRG sets are coming, they are a pretty cool new wave of Ninjas, and they really show how their powers are used! They are more of monster-like heads, but with added power as well, so, you win some you lose some:

What is say is lets see if Loyld will have an NRG form, by the looks of it, I’m doubting it, WHAT Power is he welding? I heard it is lighting, but, that just Re-Naming, Coloing, and using Jay. There is 6 powers in NINJAGO: Fire, Earth, Lighting, Ice, Chaos (Only the “Dark Lord has this one) and an Sensi Wu only one. Well, if you like to make custom Minifigures, play the game, or just an LEGO fan, I bet these sets are for you!


Matt’s First Post

Posted: February 6, 2010 in cool stuff

Welcome to my land of FUN! I know you will not know imyoung :0. so my first post will be about …….. da da da la… ME :[ so i live in C.A  and do you think the world will end? any ways ya all know terits? I went to the web site and man, it has one of my fave tunes, terties type a!